Congratulation to those who have adopted such wonderful friends,
and thank you for saving a life!
This is Angel (formerly Chiquita). She is the tired mother of 7 puppies. Her owner thought puppies would be fun and bred her to a Pomeranian. Poor little Angel had her paws full caring for 7 little ones. She was surrendered to us and within days had found a wonderful home in St. Marys, OH. Her former owner had also agreed to relinquish all of the puppies to us as long as we took Angel, but she took half the puppies back before we could stop her. We hope anyone who receives a small Chihuahua/Pomeranian puppy will help make the world a better place and spay or neuter their pet.
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Protection League
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PO Box 663                  Celina, OH 45822
of Mercer County
In Loving Memory of Dougie
Hi Katie,
Just a picture of Maddie (she now weighs 48#.) She is doing great and is doing well in dog training classes. She is so smart! Picks up everything after about 3 or 4 times of doing the command. She is just great! We love her! You guys sure have some nice dogs on your web site. I look at it all the time. Wish I could have more but can't at this point with my other dog getting older---she needs more care---maybe in the future! Keep up the great work!
I know you are all very busy trying to rescue dogs, going to vets and keeping up with the dog pound! Keep up the good work! You all are great people!! Thank you again for the great Maddie!!

Robin D.
Woodridge, Illinois
Lucky Miss Maddie taking it easy. 10/20/06
Maddie was rescued from the Mercer County Dog Pound. She was underweight and tested positive for coccidia. After a 10 day treatment in quarantine, she went to a foster home and was adopted successfully.
Here is Betsy enjoying a snooze with Condi, her new sister and best friend. I think it looks like Betsy is very happy!
Thank you John and Heather Z. for adopting a rescue dog and for giving Betsy a loving home!
Molly is a Pug mix and was fostered by one of our members. They were only to foster for a week, but fell in love with her. Molly won over Dave and we all know how tough that is to do. She is so sweet and has found a wonderful home. Molly and her little brother Topher, are so much fun to watch play and you can tell that they are happy to be together. I think we should have named her "Happy" instead of Molly.
Thank you Dave and Karen for adopting Molly and spoiling her rotten!
"I adopted Bella in August and have thoroughly enjoyed her presence in my home. She is a lively and rambunctious puppy who is friendly to everyone she meets. She is  wonderful and well behaved around children & loves playing with my family's other dogs. I am very glad that I made the decision to take Bella into my home and suggest that anyone who wants to make a difference do the same for another one of the APL's dogs."
Bella and Penny together!
Honey and her buddy just hanging out!
Honey was rescued from the Mercer County pound. She was turned in by her owners along with her mother. She was only 4 or 5 months old and scared to death. When I went out to pick a dog to rescue, it was snowing and she wouldn't move to even go inside. I couldn't leave her and brought her home with me. I fostered her for 4 months and we grew very attached to her. A wonderful family came and adopted Honey, she is extremely happy(we still have babysitting privileges). Penny, her mother, was rescued also by another foster home(pictured above). Thank you for sending in pictures of Honey, and for bringing her by to see us!
We wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Rain she is such a joy.She had no problem fitting in with our other family members. She already has new friends that hang out on the couch with her. It is such a good feeling to know that poeple like you save dog's from what could be a much worse fate turned in to a happy ending for us, as well as for Rain thank you again for caring enough to make a difference.
God Bless You !!  The Ray Family

I want to thank you guys for this wonderful dog! After our dog died, I didn't know how I'd ever find another dog special enough. Weaver is all that and more. He loves his new home in the country and absolutely LOVES swimming!
Mallory Family
Bailey just after coming from the pound. Very scared! Bailey was dumped at the pound, poor little guy.
Bailey now, after love and care in his wonderful home.
Bailey was adopted by Denise, who has given him the world. You don't even know it is the same dog. Bailey now loves everyone and has a beautiful coat of hair. He sure did hit the lottery with his second chance at happiness! Thank you Denise for fostering other rescue dogs too!
After a year of fostering all types of dogs,  we found "the one"! Kelly is beautiful, laid back, well mannered & still playful at 4 years old. I just couldn't let anyone else have her!! Another good quality about her is that she gets along well with other dogs, so we can continue to foster others until they find a good home.
   If you want a dog but aren't sure what kind, seriously consider opening your home to fostering---you will keep dogs out of the pound, learn what you want in a dog (and what you DON'T want!!), and meet lots of great people who share your love of animals. The success stories that you hear back about animals you have cared for & helped to become good pets in new homes really makes you feel good---it's a great way to volunteer!
Carol & Jack
PS--Kelly is the brown & white one--the poodle is Joe, another foster dog.

Hello to everyone at Animal Protection League! We are the family that adopted Khane back in April. He was the 6 month old Weim puppy that Shelly was fostering. I want you to know, he is the best dog we have ever had. He is a very loving dog and loves to play ball and chase the three boys around the house. He has become good friends with our Cat Griffey, although Griffey isn’t always crazy about him. We just wanted to thank you all for what you do there, and for the many animals you save. Please use our donation to help you continue the great work that you do there. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Khane when he first came in to rescue.
Indy was adopted from our organization in 2008, she is doing wonderful in her new adoptive home. Pictured here is Indy with her new playmate.
Sully(used to be Snickers) with his new buddy. Sully is happy in his new home and newly groomed in this picture. Very happy ending for this little boy!
Jazzy and Jasmine are comfortable on the couch of their new home. Both were adopted to this family and both were name Jasmine. Must be easy to call them at the same time!!!
We are so happy that this family found room in their hearts and their home for two of our sweeties.
"We adopted Miley from the APL.  She is an absolute joy and a wonderful
addition to our family.   Here she is with our kids and her new companion,
Hallie.   Miley is one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had!   She loves to
play and always has the biggest smile on her face.   There is something very
special about this dog.   We are very grateful to everyone at the APL for
bringing her to us."  
Thanks!  Michelle
"My wife Jamie and I recently adopted a dog from the Mercer County Animal Protection League.  His name was Bo, but we have renamed him Rafa.  Rafa is doing extremely well.  We had heard that he had been an outside dog his entire life and he immediately loved the indoors and air conditioning. We still can’t believe anyone could give him up.  He is such a great pet!"        
                                            Thanks again,
                                            ~Paul Glatzhofer

Wayha happy with his family! He is living the high life now and loves to ride in the golf cart.
Boy is he pretty!
This is Maddie - she was thrown away by someone and ended up at the pound...we rescued her from the pound and she found her new home with her forever family !! She doesnt even look like the same dog!!  Maddie has a wonderful life now with a family that loves her.  THANK YOU, Rohr Family for adopting Maddie!
Before adoption,at the pound
Maddie's new family says  "we are so in love with Maddie.  She is just a treasure."

Boone and Cooper are two adorable Lab mix puppies we rescued Sept. of 2011.
We are so happy the
Tipps Family
adopted them together and
gave them such a wonderful home!!

Thank you to the
Hopersberger Family for adopting Mandy!
She found a loving home and we are so happy for her!

Sept. 2011
Dolly was adopted to a wonderful family. She came into our group after being abandoned, but look what a happy life she has now! Thank you to the Mattraw Family for adopting Dolly!
We can tell that she is going to be very spoiled!

September 2011