Pitty Fund Application

Pit bulls are the number one dog being bred in America. They make up 40% of dogs in most shelters, and in some shelters more than 75%. There are too many pit bulls and not enough people to adopt them.

Did you know that 41% of the pit bull population is looking for a home? That is 1.8 million pit bulls looking for a home at this time, and that is even with just under one million pit bulls being euthanized yearly.

This problem is not going away, it’s only increasing. We are seeing it here in our own community. So our question to ourselves was how can we help? How can we positively address and make an impact on this ever growing issue?

We have started a Pittie fund to help turn this around in our own community. We would like to offer free altering to people willing to spay or neuter their pit bull, per our funds allow. Each year an amount of our fundraising money will go into this fund. If you would like to sponsor or donate to this fund, please contact us at info@aplmercer.com.

The dogs will be fixed, provided pain medication, and a cone if needed. They will also be given a rabies if they can not show proof of one, as it is illegal for them to not have one.

Each female can have 5-10 puppies, and their puppies have puppies. By spaying and neutering each year until the funds run out, it will help control the population. We hope by starting this program, we can not only help our community, but also encourage the counties around us to take a pro-active stance in helping with this ongoing problem.

If you have a pit bull or pit bull mix, and want to take part in this program, please fill out the form on this website: